Forms and Documents

For those families with Jupiter United players–competitive or recreational–below are some of the relevant forms and documents to review and/or submit as noted each season:

** Please click on each form’s name to be taken to the actual form itself **

Medical Release Form – please print this out and complete/sign it, then turn it in to your team manager. This form is required by JUSC/JTAA every season. (REQUIRED FOR COMPETITIVE SOCCER ONLY)

FYSA Hold Harmless COVID-19 Form – please print this out and complete/sign it, then turn it in to your team manager. This form will be REQUIRED by FYSA in the 2020-21 season (REQUIRED FOR COMPETITIVE SOCCER ONLY)

JTAA Covid Waiver – please print, complete and sign this form, and turn it in as well. It is being required by JTAA for the 2020-21 season. This form is wholly separate and independent of the FYSA Hold Harmless form above. Both are required. Our apologies for any duplication between the two forms. (REQUIRED FOR BOTH COMPETITIVE AND RECREATIONAL SOCCER)

FYSA Code of Ethics (for Players, Coaches/Volunteers, and Parents) – please read this and understand that all Players, Parents, and Coaches are expected to adhere to these standards when representing themselves and the Club at any and all practices, scrimmages, league or friendly games, tournaments, showcases, etc. (READ ONLY – no signature required)

Informed Consent About Concussions & Head Injuries – please read this form. (READ ONLY – no signature needed)

Competitive Soccer Financial Aid Application 2020-21 – if you are in need of financial assistance to help with paying your player’s Club fees, please print this form, complete/sign it, and attach the requested documentation. When complete, please submit it to the Club Treasurer, Vincent Fiordilino, for consideration. His email address is

Recreational Soccer Financial Aid Application Option #2 – if you need financial assistance to help pay for your player to take part in our Recreational Soccer program, please print, complete, and sign this form. Once done, please submit it to the JTAA Executive Director at or to the JTAA Executive Registrar at

(COMING SOON) Financial Rules & Procedures – please review and familiarize yourself with the Club’s financial rules and procedures.