Inclement Weather Procedures

Inclement Weather Procedures 

Both JCP (Jupiter Community Park) and ACP (Abacoa Community Park) are equipped with a ThorGuard Lightning Prediction and Warning System (Lighthouse Park does NOT have this or any other warning system in place).

The main unit is located on top of the building in between the softball fields, but we have a satellite location on top of the old football scoreboard on the multi-purpose fields (on the east side of the concession stand) and also on the building located at the senior baseball fields (the baseball fields on the west side of the parking lot). The satellite location includes a light on top of the building. Here is how the system works:

Once the system is activated by the potential for lightning in the area, the following will happen:

1.  The lightning system activates when it reads a charge that is strong enough to produce lightning around the park. Once activated, the unit will sound one (1) long horn and the light on top of the pole will start to flash. Coaches and parents, please look at the light on top of the building at the multi-purpose fields and also the senior baseball fields when you arrive to see if the light is flashing (if the unit went off before you arrived at the park, you will not hear the horn so you must go by whether or not the light is flashing). If the light is flashing, all coaches, kids, and parents must seek shelter and NO ONE is allowed on the fields/courts within the park for safety reasons.

2.  Once the unit has reached a safe level, it will give the “All Clear” horn; this will consist of three (3) short sounds of the horn followed by the light turning off. This means that it is safe for you to go onto the fields/courts and conduct your practice or game.

All JTAA and Town of Jupiter activities must follow this protocol when using the facilities at JCP and ACP.  The Town of Jupiter has introduced a website that gives up to the minute updates on the status of the system: Please save this website so that you can access it at any time.