Helpful Resources for New Coaches

First, we’d like to say ‘thank you’ for volunteering to share your time with the families in our program. Because of people like you who give selflessly of their time and talents, we’re able to continue offering recreational sports to the youth of Jupiter, Tequesta, and the surrounding area. If you’re a new coach who isn’t sure what you may have gotten yourself in to, no worries…we’ve compiled a few helpful resources to give you some basic info and help as you set foot into the world of youth soccer.

US Youth Soccer (USYS)

As a volunteer coach, we realize that you may be someone who has never played the sport (or any sport) before and that’s okay! For helpful tips and info, you can visit the US Youth Soccer page for first-time coaches by clicking here.

US Youth Soccer has released a series of age-specific lesson plans that are a good resource if you’re new to the world of coaching soccer. Find them here. Select from a variety of specific skills and drills that you can readily utilize for your particular age-division team. Know that you can also turn to the lesson plans in the younger groups for your older teams as ‘basics’ or ‘refreshers’ for your team.

Note that the lesson plans are designated as follows:

6 and under
8 and under
10 and under
12 and under
14 and under
16 and under
19 and under

Want to learn the rules of the game? USYS can help with that too. Access their Rules of the Game page here to learn more about the world’s most popular sport.

Interested in earning your coaching license? The first step is earning a Grassroots license, which USYS provides at no cost. For more info, please visit the USYS Continuing Education page here.

Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA)

For all things youth soccer-related in Florida, FYSA is a good source of information. If you’d like to learn more about coaching and its requirements, click here to visit its Getting Started page.

As a youth coach, it’s vital that you know how to recognize the signs of a concussion. FYSA has some helpful information from its health partners along with some additional resources that you can access on the association’s Concussion Awareness page here.