Grasshoppers U5

The Grasshopper program is a great way to introduce your toddler to the sport of soccer. Let your little one learn new ball skills during weekly practice sessions at the best soccer club in northern Palm Beach – Jupiter United! The Grasshopper program takes place in both our Fall and Spring recreational soccer seasons. Fall registration opens in June and Spring registration opens in January, both via the JTAA website.

Grasshoppers is a pre-developmental program designed to develop the basic soccer skills for 3- and 4-year old boys and girls. Employing the same licensed professional coaches that train our academy and competitive players within Jupiter United Soccer Club, the Grasshoppers program offers coaching expertise to help our youngest players develop the fundamental movements and skills of the game early on. We do ask that a couple of the Grasshopper parents volunteer to help as assistant coaches so that the professional coaches can focus on teaching the players. If you’re able to assist, please register as a volunteer when signing your player up for the program. Thank you in advance for offering to help!

Please know that the Grasshopper program is designed to improve soccer skills and build confidence in young players through fun and exciting games in a safe environment. It is done academy-style, meaning there are NO set “teams.” This encourages the players to play all positions and with different teammates each week. As the players arrive each week, they are assigned a field. This benefits the coaches by not focusing on “winning” as there is no set team to be attached to, allowing the players to play more and helping with long-term player retention. Overall, the players have more fun, it’s less stressful for the coaches, and is a great way to educate parents.

The kids are introduced to the ‘beautiful game’ by way of playing in small-sided games, typically 3v3 or 4v4. Your child will enjoy learning about soccer from the very best in an environment that is both fun and non-competitive, yet challenging at the same time. And while parents are encouraged to stay and watch during practices, we’ve found that children learn more about the game without their parents overseeing their every move. We hope to see your player in our next Grasshoppers program!