Player Training Resources

Train at Home Resources

Is your soccer player stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic and looking for a way to stay fresh on their soccer skills? If so, we’ve compiled this list of FREE online soccer resources that may be a good way for your son or daughter to keep working on or improving their level of play and even burn off some energy in the process! (Parents and family members–be sure to monitor your child’s use of any online resources to ensure that they’re accessing and using the web safely.)

100 Individual Soccer Training Drills – this 15-minute YouTube video has a number of basic skills that can benefit any soccer player, particularly those who may be new to the sport or just looking for a refresher on the basics. Some helpful time points to access each individual skill area are: Dribbling at the 0:10 mark, Passing at the 5:05 mark, Shooting at the 8:15 mark, Navigating tight spaces at the 9:30 mark, and Juggling at the 11:35  mark. You can access the video right here.

iSoccer – this app is available for both Android and iOS phones and is great way to keep your kids motivated to learn and practice their skills and drills at home or on the go while earning points and badges for completing them. They can even take part in skills challenges with or against their friends or teammates who are also on the app. While not free, it’s not a bad value at just 99 cents to download (advertisements do run during the app’s use).

Online Soccer Academy – with an extensive variety of online videos in an array of soccer subject areas, this FREE site is a good way for your player to learn some new skills, polish their existing ones, and even check out some funny bloopers. You can find it here.. You can also access their YouTube channel directly for instant access to all of their uploaded videos here.

Simply Soccer – this YouTube channel has a huge variety of 5- to 15-minute long videos on just about every soccer skill, drill, and topic. From basic to advanced training drills, as well as motivational and mental aspects related to the game, there’s a lot to choose from to help your player improve his or her physical or mental game. Check them out here.

Soccer Passing Drills, Dribbling Drills, Shooting Drills & More – this Ertheo blog post has drills that are illustrated in simple layouts that just about anyone can easily follow. You can find it here

Please know that the inclusion of any web site, video, or app on this list in no way implies any endorsement on the part of Jupiter United SC. In addition, do not begin any new workout or exercise plan without first consulting with your physician to ensure that you are healthy enough for such.